URBANI is the result of a mix between Neohumanist and Neogrotesque types. The subtle narrowness of its proportions makes it ideal for composing extensive blocks of text. The slightly superior height of its ascenders, the wider proportions of its counter-forms, the addition of ink traps at certain stroke intersections; every aspect of URBANI’s design was conceived with reading in mind. The Opentype tool Alternative Glyphs is especially important, since its use is fundamental in achieving a universal and geometrical visual language through the rationalization of the font family. URBANI is inspired upon the works of Adrian Frutiger and Paul Renner, a constant source of admiration and inspiration to W.

This type family comes fully equipped with Opentype tools, a huge range of alternate glyphs, fractions, modern and old style numbers, superiors and inferiors, ligatures and smallcaps. Universality is a major goal when it comes to creating our fonts. URBANI is ideally suited for general graphic design, print and digital publications, motion graphics, web design, branding and interaction design.

  • Designed by Salvador Rodriguez
  • 18 styles

  • Urbani
    Thin Thin Italic Ultralight Ultralight Italic Light Light Italic Book Book Italic Regular Regular Italic Bold Bold Italic Extrabold Extrabold Italic Black Black Italic Ultrablack Ultrablack Italic



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    Urbani Complete family
    USD 180.00
    Urbani Thin,Urbani Thin Italic,Urbani Ultralight,Urbani Ultralight Italic,Urbani Light,Urbani Light Italic,Urbani Book,Urbani Book Italic,Urbani Regular,Urbani Italic,Urbani Bold,Urbani Bold Italic,Urbani Extrabold,Urbani Extrabold Italic,Urbani Black,Urbani Black Italic,Urbani Ultrablack,Urbani Ultrablack Italic
    Urbani Basic family
    USD 135.00
    Urbani Thin,Urbani Thin Italic,Urbani Regular,Urbani Italic,Urbani Ultrablack,Urbani Ultrablack Italic
    Urbani Thin
    USD 25.00
    Urbani Thin Italic
    USD 25.00
    Urbani Ultralight
    USD 25.00
    Urbani Ultralight Italic
    USD 25.00
    Urbani Light
    USD 25.00
    Urbani Light Italic
    USD 25.00
    Urbani Book
    USD 25.00
    Urbani Book Italic
    USD 25.00
    Urbani Regular
    USD 25.00
    Urbani Italic
    USD 25.00
    Urbani Bold
    USD 25.00
    Urbani Bold Italic
    USD 25.00
    Urbani Extrabold
    USD 25.00
    Urbani Extrabold Italic
    USD 25.00
    Urbani Black
    USD 25.00
    Urbani Black Italic
    USD 25.00
    Urbani Ultrablack
    USD 25.00
    Urbani Ultrablack Italic
    USD 25.00

    Cross media license


    1 • Desktop installation; according to specified number of work stations.

    2 • Web installation; according to number of visitors the web may serve, calculated on a monthly basis.

    3 • Social Media applications; according to the combined amount of followers across existing channels.



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